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12 news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. tracking the big picture tonight. team 12 covering the stories you have accused of sex acts at a bar mitzvah. we hear from her after the not guilty verdict. some of the most dangerous spots feet away from your home. three officers run down the latest attack on lis. the officers -- police. the officers being praised for how they reacted. what this boy's business model is, reaping benefits.
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at 10:00 tonight. a young valley father brutally killed after his car breaks down. >> his baby over a week old and another driver ran him down on i-17 and left him for dead. >> trisha hendricks joining us now with an emotional plea from his family tonight. >> caribe, his mother and girlfriend are heartbroken tonight knowing the man who hit and killed their loved ha >> he only got to spend eight days with his baby. he loved him. >> sierra rodriguez cradles her child dealing with the challenges that come with having a newborn but also having to come to grips her child's father's life was cut short. >> it was his first boy. >> 19-year-old 1/2 area's life
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>> this is his mom. >> she says she's devastated. she says he was just so young. just starting his life. >> sierra remembering how she learned of his death. >> and my mom saw the news that there was a truck similar to his that was in a car accident. canned and see if the car -- checked and see if the car was here it wasn't. >> troopers say they found ask seized the pickup truck that struck him. while serving a search warrant in phoenix. but the suspect hasn't been located. sierra has a message for the suspect on the run. >> why they have to do that? and take him away from us.
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boyfriend. >> i miss him come back. i'm going to take care of his son forever. >> dps tells us smith may be driving a gray chevy impala. he's considered to be armed and dangerous trisha hendricks 12 news at 10:00. some breaking news right now. mcdowel road east of 91st avenue has been shut down after a pedestrian was hit by a car. the man was crossing the street and suffered head injuries. we're being told they're not the driver stayed on the scene and the sheriff's office is there investigating. it's expected to closed for quite a while. new information tonight. police say this man 19-year-old keith johnson was trying to commit suicide by crashing his pickup truck this morning but instead he slammed into several cars killing 45-year-old margie. sky 12 flew over the scene. he was released from the hospital and booked into the
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charges including second degree murder. we find lindsey radomski not guilty of violation. count two, we the jury find the defendant lindsey radomski not guilty. >> lindsey radomski not guilty on all counts. >> she's the scottsdale you ga instructor accuse -- yoga underaged boys fondle her and giving one of the boys oral sex. >> she admitted to the flashing but said she blacked out after that. >> she broke down in court hugging her attorney. >> i'm incredibly happy it's over. thank god. >> this might be the longest trial that's taken place in a misdee mean nor court.
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she was accused of letting boys touch her breasts. it got complicated when it came out that the boy's parents had paid for her breasts and she claimed she was drugged that night. >> if you knew her and knew what she menlt to our family, they were -- menlt to our family -- meant to our family they were just as shocked as we were. >> the city prosecutor file she told the jury the boys had attacked her. >> we believe the boys went in that room and touched her, fondled her breasts without her permission. things that one of the boys did i cannot repeat on national tv. >> radomski left a free woman but one with a highly publicized case attached to her name. >> she still works as a yoga instructor. she's still loved by the community.
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her and friends that support her. >> the parents of some of those boys were in court today. they rushed out as soon as the verdict was red. -- read. in scottsdale william pitts. . >> there's another issue here. is there a double standard with the way a jury looks at a woman as opposed to a man. i asked attorney and legal analyst monica lindstrom about that today. >> we pedestal if they were able to get in bed or do something with an older woman. but when you flip the script it's very very different. we're okay with one scenario but not okay with another. and this case speaks to that. >> it isn't only a gender gap. lindstrom says wealthy people, high profile people, and attractive people get a break. the lawyers for leslie
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arizona and maricopa county. they say their client was wrongly accused. he was in jail for several months until charges were dismissed in april. dps says it still considers him a suspect in the investigation. the video is shocking and extremely tough to watch. a car running down, intentionally, three phoenix police officers. >> authorities believe the attack was deliberate. they had every right lethal force, but they didn't. >> their level of restraint is being praised. here's monique with why. >> according to law enforcement experts the moment the officers saw this car coming towards them they could have shot to kill and it would have been justified. >> the video never gets less horrifying. surveillance footage captures a car as it plows into three police officers outside a quiktrip veept store.
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sergeant. >> it was a shocking video because you rarely get to see something that definitive in terms of seeing the whole picture. >> while it's hard not to focus on the violence alleged to have been carried about by marc laquon payne it's what didn't happen that's being noticed. >> if one of the officers had seen someone driving at them to use deadly force against them they would have been justified. >> not one of the three after getting into a physical fight with the suspect. >> you have police officers that were well-trained and they responded in a professional manner. and that less loss of life was critical. >> it's what the police chief describes as a tense and dangerous time for police. >> i've been in law enforcement for over 30 years and i've seen a lot of things. but i have never seen so many senseless violent acts
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>> while investigators believe he acted deliberately an exact motive hasn't been released. >> he's facing three counts of attempted murder. all three police officers are expected to be okay. all right. whether you're a sports fan or not pretty much everybody is familiar with the 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick and the protest of the national >> we've seen athletes join in and support him in his protest. today his sincerity was questioned. >> i never heard of him talk about anything but himself when he was on top and now he makes this big pitch. i don't buy it. if hefls sib sere -- if he was
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still managing he would not allow one of his players to sit. he would send them to the locker room until after the anthem was played. this is a hot button issue in sports and political world. and we've sign enough of this -- seen enough of this to know that many will agree and many will not. >> thank you. see you again in a few minutes. decision 2016 releasing a letter from her doctor with new details about her health and current bout with pneumonia. >> the wo-page letter says she was -- two-page letter says she was diagnosed on friday with nonviral pneumonia. it adds she's recovering with rest. she continues to remain fit to serve at president of the united states. >> she's scheduled to return to the campaign trail tomorrow.
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but you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what they contain. >> he shares them on the dr. oz show. here's a sneak peak. >> your health is as strong as it seems why not share your medical records? why not? >> i have no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? >> you want to see more? dr. oz's interview airs tomorrow. there are reports discusses weight issues on the show. well it's weightloss wednesday on 12 news. tonight some diet tips from the first lady herself. >> when michelle obama appeared on the ellen degeneres show lately she appeared to have lost weight. >> we found three of her secrets posted on >> she does not count calories she focuses on how she feels.
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crack of dawn around 4:30 a.m. and does card owe and weights before the kids -- cardsio and weights before the kids wake up. >> she never leaves home without a band or two and a jump rope in her suitcase on the road. she says she tries to squeeze in a quick routine whenever she can. caught on camera. what suddenly exploded inside this woman's purse. and you don't see them, but tonight dangers our kids face every day. tom brady at the cardinal's game even though he wasn't playing. and what's behind this trend? would you wear them? kevin james is hear to play flag tag.
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true crime thursday who killed allison feldman is the scottsdale case going cold. tomorrow only on 12 news at 10:00. don't go in where 12 news at 10:00 will be back in 60
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12 news at 10:00 continues who's responsible for your dad? an #-year-old ahwatukee boy the valley's newest intrip neuro. -- entrepreneur. our omg video of the night. a woman's purse exploding while checking out a store in new jersey. all of it caught on the store surveillance camera. you can see the black smoke spewing out of her bag. that's going to be an expensive
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on the floor and discovered the lithium battery in her personal vaporizer had exploded. head to our facebook page and share the video with your family and friends. a story you'll only see on 12 news at 10:00. play dangers. >> playing outdoors poses a number of pitfalls for your child but there are some not so obvious threats you should start to think about. >> kevin kennedy spoke valley family with a warning. >> an accident in a friend's backyard almost paralyzed this 18-year-old. what parents need to know to keep their kids safe and protect themselves. oh what a world it is. to a kid almost everything is stimulating. traveling a thrilling escape park, even a playground is
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>> the trampolines we have kids bounce straight through the zipper. >> each year nearly 9 million kids are treated in the er and more than 12,000 died. tyler almost joined that list. >> everything looked finement got on it. >> tyler jumped on a zip line. he landed on his neck and back. >> everything was tingling. i was paralyzed for 15 seconds. >> several bones in this stack of documents part of the records, an injury that like many could have been prevented. >> a lot of time the lack of supervision is the problem. >> sometimes you might not think about it but escalators injury thousands every year. shopping or grocery carts are dangerous and bounce houses and trampolines. >> you run the sprek trump from minor injuries and some
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>> tyler was in the icu seven days his medical bills more dhan $500,000. the owner of the house he was hurt at was partially insured. >> quite often homeowners have insufficient amount of coverage. >> that homeowner would pay thousands and thousands to settle. tiler learning a lesson. -- tiler learning >> experts say it's a good idea to know where your kids are going and what they could be exposed to. it's important to check your homeowner's insurance in case an accident happens at your house. kevin kennedy 12 news at sock. new -- 10:00. you may have gotten your brains from your mama. the intelligence genes are
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-- chrome sewn x. dad may give you some intelligence genes but they won't impact your brain. they only work if they come from mom. if the same gene is from dad it's essentially deactivated. >> no respect i tell you. a valley boy goes into the party business to raise money for a trip he wants to take to the wizarding world of harry potter. >> it's doing a lot more than sending him on vacation. ryan is here with the story. >> what were you doing at 8 years old? >> riding a bike. >> not that. >> this kid is doing a lot different stuff. >> conner koester is a busy man these days. balancing the rigors of second grade with a challenges of being a big brother.
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of a tuck key's -- a tuck key east -- ahwatukee's most successful business owners. sometimes you'll make sacrifices. >> we spoil our kids. i'm used to giveling them everything. or as much as we can. and i thought you know this isn't something in the plan. so i'm going to have him earn this one. >> so with mom's help connor business. he found decorations and fixed them up and rented them out. he calls it bins of fun. >> over here we have a mare owe -- mario, little bit of mario and pirates over here. >> what's the most popular theme? ? star wars and harry potter are the big ones. >> not only did this pay for
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some. something to the tune of a couple thousand in the last few months. probably the most driven. doing all of the arts and crafts himself after school. exhausting at times. >> but when you make a lot of money for it, you're like i want to do that again. >> i promise this gets better. now that he's paid for his trip. he's putting the rest of the money in a college fund. an 8-year-old thinking >> he's so far ahead of the curb. >> i think foshs 5 -- forbes 500 in a couple years. from some future entrepreneurs to our weather caribe? >> it's been a pretty nice day and even nicer for us tomorrow. let's talk about what's happening on the other side of the country. this is the big story right now. a tropical storm impacting the
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on the rain. most of that rain has pushed to the east. this is tropical storm julia. winds at 40 miles an hour. it's moving to the east northeast at five miles an hour. i'm going to put the track on. normally you see a straight diagonal line with these tropical storm tracks but not this one. it continues to move to the north and east and doubles back around. that storm is going to be weakening over the next couple of days. in the meantime a lot of rainfall for the coast tal areas and potential -- coastal areas and potential for tornadoes. the western u.s. is quiet from the coast there from washington to southern california. an area of low pressure is to the north of us right now. and not doing much for arizona other than keeping our temperatures nice and below average. 98 that was our high temperature for today. 101. more cooling as we head through tonight and even tomorrow.
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overall fantastic forecast. clear skies, winds out of the west. tomorrow high temperatures 90 to 95. some areas a whole ten degrees cooler than average with this low pressure. no moisture with this. lots of sunshine tomorrow. and all the way into the weekend we stay in the # 0s and -- 90s and triple digits by monday. let's take asu football where cay len -- calen is groping a strong -- developing a strong bond with the guys up front. >> all right man, let's go to work. >> there were a lot of question marks surrounding the offensive line coming into this season. but not many are left after saturday night. >> touchdown. >> and he's got a big hold. >> i think we came out and made
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scoring eight touchdowns. but it wasn't just him. >> i happened to have the ball in my hands but there's ten other guys working. i believe that we had eight touchdowns not necessarily me. >> on the field every time he scores he comes over to us and says thank you. it motivates an offensive line. we want to get those guys in the end zone. >> hue mitt runs -- humility runs deep with this team. they want thes on the field to -- want the acs >> we're not used to getting interviews and that stuff. >> he was like hey you guys are coming with us. we do press conferences after games? i was just used to getting changed and going home. >> he celebrated with the entire line and he promised them all pizza. >> this has yet to happen. so anybody watching be sure to hold him to that.
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devils take on devils san antonio on friday. he calls himself the fake tom brady. so who's hiding behind that mask? 12 sports is sponsored by
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because practice pays off.
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>> yeah we all know the real tom brady never made it to the playing field sunday night against the cardinals but a tom brady look alike got them riled up before the game. i hate to do it but i'm giving him the nod for mvp. guys am i wrong to do this? >> yes. there should be no mvps going to the >> am i the only one that thinks that was creepy? >> yes, very creepy. >> if you woke up and that guy was under your bed, creepy, right? >> calling 911. >> deflating balls or something. >> the mask is worn by a patriot's fan and a writer reports that -- >> the mask is early similar to the real tom brady, down to the hair.
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you guys. not only patriot's fans but just about everybody he comes across wants a picture. >> he even made an appearance on the today show for crying out loud. >> don't go away. kevin james joins jimmy coming
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" (screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out.
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what do you think about the latest fashion trend. >> so ugly. >> hideous. >> conjoined cowboy boots straight off the runway. the designer shane oliver debuted them in new york fashion week. >> hideous, again. wondering about the price? so are we. no word yet if this is runway only or if it will be produced for sale. other styles of this designer's boots star >> i have a question for the fashion women here would you wear a pair of those? >> no. >> i mean not only no but, yes, blank no.. >> what is the first letter of the blank? >> you figure it out. >> no. >> thanks everybody for watching. and remember 12 news is always on. >> get the latest news as it
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin james.


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